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10 gift ideas for your besties

posted by Miss Lovissimo 25 November 2017

A very popular Italian proverb said: Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure. As time goes by, I find this axiom increasingly true. I have thousands of friends, but 10 are very special to me. Some are close, some far, but in my heart they are always next to me. Thinking of this 10 special human being, I I drew up a special gift list.

10 gift ideas for 10 super personalities

As I already suggested, the perfect gift has only one secret: should be chosen with care and attention to the taste and the personality of the receiver. A gift could be perfect for a friend and totally wrong for another one! My friends have very shades personality but knowing well everyone hasn’t be too hard for me to choose!

1. the posh

Everybody has a posh friend, mine is Clara, AKA Fracasso.

Every time I show up with my (a little) overdressed outfit rolls her eyes and sighs.

She like minimalistic thus feminine outfits, with a little twist. Recently she liked pretty much my Rani pink scarf…so I thought that she needs a little pink in that grey Milano of hers.

I felt totally in love with this classic shaped hat by Blanche Abel, a hat designer who creates her unique headpieces in the very cool atelier in rue Oberkampf. It is very useful in our European rainy days, or more generally just to be classy & pretty as hell!


Humphrey hat in double-sided taupé rabbit and genuine leather, (100% European materials)


2. the transformer

Caution: this is just for the real crazy for make up girls.

I first met Francesca in Amsterdam, for Giancarlo’s birthday. Before arriving in the flat where G. hosted us, I had hear about her that she was quite a bellissima and I got really disappointed when I saw her face…she was absolutely corny.

I remember telling myself: Giancarlo is definitely getting old! (kidding G.!!!).

Until, she started getting ready for the party (oh what a party!): she pulled out a beauty case as big as mine (that is quite huge), alter 10 minutes playing with brushes, colors and powders she looked like a Superstar! That day I’ve started to adore this girl!

I’m sure she would love this amazing lipstick palette by Sephora!

3.the decorator

Debbi in my partner in crime for holidays, we had among the funniest experience together. By the way I think is time to organize the next trip…

Debora is almost maniac about atmosphere. Every time we got a room in any part of the world, she needed to create her very personal space, the right set-up to feel relaxed and enjoythe environment.

Under the incredulous eyes of service staff she started to move the bed and the nightstands, put foulards on the lamps and scattering candles and incenses everywhere.

I’m sure she would love those Frederic Malle candles with very refined scents designed by: Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaím and  Sophia Grojsman.

4. the body

Raffa is my oldest friend, I met her during an educational trip when we were 12 years old. We experienced all the most important things together: adolescence (crushes, disco, craziness), university and motherhood.  Now our kids are best friends!

We grown up together. My body grow along. Not hers!!!

She is as skinny as when she was 15…and she complain!

Since very young I’ve been passionated by luxurious underwear, in particular for La Perla, so, when we had started having experiences with boys, I used to suggest nice undies to Raffa, her body was (is…grrr) so perfect that everything looks awesome on her!

It is still so, my gift for her, to celebrate our 30 years of friendship could be only underwear! I’ve chosen this Jane Woolrich blue ensemble for the Parisian boutique Les Rituelles.

100% silk with Calais lace

5. the discrete

I met Preeti in Milan, during her Marketing studies at Istituto Europeo di Design. I immediately recognize something special in her. Then she disappear, for 10 years, but I keep looking for her coz I couldn’t renounce her in my life.

And suddenly she showed up again! Oh happiness! Since that, we decided to start our Lovissimo project together!

When we met, mostly in Mumbai, I am more Indian that her, because Pretty hasn’t any of the flashy Indian attitude. She is always very wise, discreet and unobtrusive, that’s why my present for her is a private pleasure: the Chanel n° 5 body oil with golden fragments! Shine within My Name is Love.

6. the withe shirt lover

Mabel has been my bench-mate during the high school. Four years of pure madness and non stop laughing. Despite her serious picture, she is probably the craziest among my friends. Few years ago she has create a comic strip story just to make fun of me because I had a crush on an Indian guy: the Straccy saga immediately became a super success on facebook!

Mabel is addicted to white shirts, I don’t know how many she has, probably hundreds.

I’ve chose for her there adorable golden coffins by Alex Monroe for my cray chick!

7. the sweet

I owe to Delphine all my Marketing knowledge. We worked together into super creative strategic project, for years, and I can say that I really miss that time of non stop brainstorming.

Delph is a very romantic and sweet soul, in love with storytelling. She is a vintage addicted, that’s why when I first stepped in La Tonkinoise à Paris, an adorable shop close to my flat in Belleville, I immediatly thought of Delphine. La Tonkinoise create unique pieces of jewelry by reassembling little pieces that she found around. I particularly like this concept of brooch, called “monde”: a tiny circle with and unique World inside.

8. the snob

Mila is definitely the most snobbish among my friends. But she is amazing, she took great care of me and our friend Pierre for all our Parisian years (round on).

She is Polish by nationality, but she is definitely Parisian in heart and mind.

This Clive Sebastian private collection scent is totally Mila, chic, exclusive and snob.

9. The sporty

I’m probably the laziest person ever appeared on the planet earth. That’s why my friendship with Malù (AKA Marquise Maria Luisa Marieni Saredo) is so strange, she is a real sport beast!

We worked together longtime, and we went abroad to work several time, having very unique experiences! For her I’ve chosen this very chic wetsuit by Aenha so my Malù will always be the coolest!

10. the healty

Last, but not least: la Marsiglia. My friend Monica is a perfect balanced mix of incompatible things: she is totally “blonde inside” and super effective at her job, a party beast and a very spiritual person, my list could be endless…the result is that she is 100% amazing.

For her I’ve chosen something absolutely simple, a hand cream. Very natural, this YOPE one is very Marsiglia, high quality with a funny look.  So every time she will take it out from her bag she will remember that I’m waiting for her here in Paris

10 gift ideas for 10 unique friends

It took me two days to write this post. I couldn’t restrain myself from getting emotional.


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