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Wrapping ideas from Japan

posted by Miss Lovissimo 19 December 2017
japnese-women-ghost-presenter wrapping ideas from Japan

You would maybe be wondering why we should take wrapping ideas from Japan.

Because the Japanese have a precise concept of mindfulness in packaging: Tsutsumi

Tsutsumi is the additional care and love that we put into wrapping, as described by  Luisa Canovi:“we must add the attention and the time that is dedicated to the preparation of the Tsutsumi and that denotes a more important gift than the one that is wrapped: it is actually a piece of one’s life that is dedicated to this gesture. The more catered to the Tsutsumi, the more precious will be its symbolic value.”.

Now, just visualize in your mind that moment when you were a child you got a present: the furious unwrapping, pieces of paper and ribbons scattered everywhere…well, the Tsutsumi is the opposite!

The art of Tsutsumi was so reputed that some wrapped objects were kept unwrapped!

So if you want to offer the perfect gift for your dearests and you really want to make them understand your deepest emotions, wrap it by yourself with a Japanese technique.

There are thousands of ways to wrap, but if you want to stay green and cool, discover with us the Furoshiki!

Furoshiki is a very old packaging method developed in Japan centuries ago. It is basically a cloth packaging, that today become really interesting considering the global concern for our environment.

Furoshiki is also an opportunity to astonish your Love with a double gift: the gift itself and the reusable packaging. Moreover, the foulards are strongly back in Fashion, with multiple uses.

Photos by ©thestreetfashion5xpro

Photos by ©thestreetfashion5xpro

The graceful art of Furoshiki

Here 3 different wrapping for different shapes: a box, a pot, and two books. If done with grace, even the most precious and delicate foulard could be used a wrapping.

Maybe the only limit of furoshiki is that it could be used only or rigid shapes, but honestly I think that a present into a box is always better, likewise a beautiful box could be used to keep jewelry, ties, socks or…foulard!

Again, follow the same rule, think with Love: spend sometimes in choosing a nice box and eventually decorate it, if you are good at decoration.

I was also thinking that it would be nice to use two foulards to wrap, maybe one in a solid color and the other printed, to give a more tridimensional effect.

This furoshiki for books is awesome also just to carry books to the beach or wherever, so not just as wrapping. Actually, this  word is related to the idea of caring things such clothes, bento box, et

Now I just want to offer something to someone…I’m thinking again: thank God for the Japanese!

The right Foulard

After a couple of decades of oblivion, the foulard is again everywhere. Probably thanks to the strong longing of printed and colored items that appears in the lasts seasons. The choice of foulards is huge and very variated, from the iconic Carré Hermes to the more irreverent ones from Gucci and Valentino.

My personal crush is for this pashminas by LAÏTE works, created by the French-Indian designer Saurabh Banka.

LAÏTE’s Pashmina are created with the wool from the neck and stomach area of domestic goats called Capra Hircus in the valleys of Himalaya, from Kashmir and Nepal: with a fiber thinner than 15 microns, it is considered the best quality of cachemire in the World. 

Stole garden by laite

Can you imagine a more chic pack? 😉

Now that you know how to wrap in such unique way, you have just to find the other present (actually it doesn’t really matter considering the wrapping…).


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