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Luana & Ricardo

posted by Miss Lovissimo 12 January 2017
Let's jump!
The wedding day is one of the most significant days of a person’s life. A day we normally make many memories and relive them part by part in various way throughout our life. What could make such a memorable day even more so, if you planned each detail by your own self. Daunting! but inspiring, the story of how Luana and Ricardo met admits true Fairytale drama and how Luana planned her own wedding and made it even more special by personalising it! Read the interview for a peek inside their romantic Spanish wedding.
MNIS: How did you meet your husband?
Luana: I Met my husband 3 years ago in London. I was not happy in Switzerland and my mind told me it was the perfect moment to change my life. In 24 hours I bought my flight ticket, booked my room and choose my english School.
The First eyes I met, Ricardo
The telephone rings, Luana is back after a quick call….Meanwhile I am at the first stage of goosebumps…not knowing there are many more to come!

MNIS: So Luana, did you undestand immediatly that Ricardo was “The one”?
Luana: Yes! I had a strange feeling when he looked at me and In spanish told me: ” encantado” (anybody who knows even a little bit of Spanish understands the passion expressed by “encantado” when a guy says it to a girl the first time they meet!)
Luana: My reaction? No reaction, it was the First time I had not words to say. But I immediately understood that he was my him!
MNIS: Can you tell us your most memorable moment of your 3 year courtship?
Luana: Only One?
MNIS: Hahah, wow, you can tell us as many as u like…
Luana: After 2 months in London I don’t know why, I was not ready for a relationship maybe I was scared and I came back without any chance to start something with Ricardo. He decided to travel from Barcelona to Milan with his car just to ask me if I would like to become his girlfriend. Can you Imagine? 14 hours of Travel, alone, with 50℅ possibility to go back alone
MNIS: wow!!!so thats when he won your heart?
Luana: Totally, I was in love even before this moment but I was scared, So 06.01.14 our Story began.. I found him in a socks ahahha
MNIS: What does that mean?
Luana: 6.1, “Giorno dellabefana”
**miss Lovissimo explained the concept of Befana to me. Traditional celebration in Italy where a good old lady flying on the broom (not to be confused with a witch) will drop into the socks a present, if you have been good or a piece of coal, if you have been bad!
MNIS: Aaaah, so Luana has been a very good girl then to get Ricardo in her socks!
 Love me!
MNIS: Before you, both met, did you ever believe in such intense, fairy tale kind of strong emotions?
Luana: It was different. All girls dream of a romantic and strong love but the Real Life is not always like that.
il filo rossoMNIS: At heart were you a romantic?
Luana: I m a romantic Person….. And I was looking for him! Do you know the Story of “filo rosso?” 
MNIS: go on tell me more…
Luana: It is a story that tells us, that all people, from the first day of Life are in touch with another soul. This I personally believe too.
MNIS: Incredible. That’s why some people feel like they know each other even if they have just met for the first time.
Luana: Exactly, I have experienced that with Ricardo!
MNIS: So far it’s a real life fairytale. Luana, I am really excited to know who proposed wedding and how?
Luana: At 3 in the morning, with my eyes blindfolded and a strange t-shirt (I found out what was written on the t-shirt only once on the plane ) we went to Malpensa Airport. I didn’ t understand anything.
All the people in the shuttle and at the Airport laughed and tried to help me to discover the destination of my trip. Finally, we arrived at London, he booked a room in London, in front of the School where we met the first time he asked me to become his best friend, his Life friend, he said that from the first minute he met me, he knew I was the love of his Life. The t-shirt Simply said: She is my girlfriend, please help me to make this trip unforgettable, she will be my bride in 1 month and 1 month after that we got married at our dream destination!
MNIS:Me: Dream destination?
Luana: When we visited Hotel Don Carlos Leisure and Spa for the first time we understood it was a place full of Love. All the good sensations we had being there pushed us to pick it as our wedding destination.
The magic garden, the sound of the Sea, it was exactly what we were looking for.
MNIS: Where is this place?
Luana: In Marbella, South of the Spain.
MNIS: So what type of logistics went into organising your grand, personalised wedding. I am asking this because your pictures reflect a very warm setup with light and friendly vibe. Did you hire a top notch wedding planner?
Luana: We really wanted this wedding and who better than us to understand our dream!
MNIS: So you did it all by yourself?
Luana: I contacted a Wedding Planner in Marbella, her main role was to help  me contact the right suppliers, I chose everything. We went to Spain and chose the location. I drew my wedding dress and I went to Atelier Donizetti in Varese to get it made.
MNIS: That must have taken a lot of planning and organising but the upside is that each and everything must have reflected your unique taste and preferences.
Luana: Thats true, I found my fantastic cake designer, my florist, my make up artist and their expressions were exactly what I wanted for my big day!
MNIS: It’s good that you had a clear idea of what you wanted and that way it makes it possible to realize the plan. What I am really interested in knowing is along with the beautiful tangible stuff how did you manage to achieve the warm vibe for your wedding?
Luana: That can be credited to the friendship Ricardo and I share. But we also organized a “White party” the night before with all the people at South Beach Chiringuito in Malaga in order to mix my family and my friends with Riki’s life. It was an amazing night, casual dinner and a lot of happiness. My wedding was a perfect extension of my love for friends, family, warmth, personalized stuff, beauty, nature with super attention to details!
MNIS: Wow Luana this is all amazing stuff! All my compliments for such thoughtful execution! What next?
Luana: Next! a new experience together with our honeymoon in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
MNIS: Sounds good. Thank you Luana for sharing your beautiful story with us, we wish you and Ricardo a beautiful married life.
Luana: Thank you. It was a pleasure.
Truly, love is making, beautiful memories one after other, year after year to keep the spark alive. caring enough, not stopping at 1 milestone but to  create more and more. Its also the effort we put into little things that adds up to be the bigger things in life. well done Luana!



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