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posted by Miss Lovissimo 8 March 2017

The art of Eros: I discovered Sans Tabù, an Italian brand for luxurious home wear, while I was working with my design students on their final project. Despite the gossiping and the doubt of the entire school about the theme itself of their project – a new vision of sexuality – my students made me really proud by creating a very innovative concept called Himheros.

Sans Tabù: I like this brand for several reasons: it’s irreverent, delicate, refined and very creative. I share their vision:

Sans Tabù is dedicated to everyone that has dynamic, free, contagious, libertine thinking. Sans Tabù has no gender, it is for both men and women, for men who love men, or women who love women, because it celebrates an Eros that stops not at a definition.

Enjoying bed time: With Sans Tabù, Luisa Bezzi, the fashion designer behind the brand, propose a complete universe to enjoy the intimacy of our private space with a collection of home wear, loungewear, etc. wich refer to Eros in a very contemporary way. She collaborates constantly with artists, graphic designers and designer to re-invent the traditional corredo (of course I have one, but much more traditional….for the moment) to contemporary couples, adding some Italian style to the pleasure of sleeping together (….).

100% made in Italy, Sans Tabù seduces with the delicacy of its prints, the quality of its fabrics and with the uniqueness of the Italian mania about details.

Enjoy the collections and….Sogni d’oro!

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