A Golden Heart

posted by My Name is Love 4 April 2017

Did you know that broken pottery in Japan is fixed with a beautiful art called: Kintsugi.
You can easily google the method & the inspirational story behind it.
What we will look at today is the thought behind Kintsugi!

When a potty or ceramic breaks it is mended with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold. the beauty of the process is that it treats breakage & repairs as part of the article’s history & not something to hide or be ashamed of!
In face it highlights the cracks in gold only to reflect that real beauty is not in perfection but in endurance.

Human beings endure so much in their life, subjecting their heart to a lot of breakages. We are almost each time pained by the breakage and always look down upon the cracks of our heart. We believe these cracks are the reason behind our unhappiness.
What if we apply this ancient technique of Kintsugi to our hearts and realize that breakage and repairs are just parts of our history & not something to disguise or be ashamed of. Then maybe one day all of us will have golden hearts with different patterns of cracks but still in gold nevertheless!

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