I’ve always been in love with “Love”!
This is not so surprising, as being Italian I grew up surrounded by epic romantic tales from the famous Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Antonio, Paolo and Francesca , to the more contemporary romantic and passionate stories from the movies of the great Italian directors as Fellini,
Tornatore and Rossellini.

I think, that we are the worldwide PRO of Love (of course the French would not agree! :))))) passion and La Dolce Vita: the art to enjoy life.
As a child, I used to organise romantic surprises for my parents to celebrate St.Valentine Day. Obviously I thought love was not for me! At that age I remember laughing at my sister crying for Love (found it quite silly), I declared: I will never fall in love!

Of course I was wrong! I fell in love, how dramatic and amazing it was. What a great time in life and then Oh! So painful, the breaking of heart. Yet it was this feeling and the great pull of it, that got me interested in exploring life with the glasses of Love firmly on.
What is fun, is that, even now for me to love is to celebrate it, every bit of it. I invented through the years hundreds of surprises, gift, set ups, for me and for others, to express my  feelings to my beloved ones (Personally and for the others as wedding planner Professionally).
My path so far has taken me to live from Italy to Paris and India, all three places that epitomise Love in their own special, unique way.

I decided to create this diary along with my friend and partner (she calls herself “mynameislove”) to share with you ideas, places and tips to celebrate the King of human feelings, the most exquisite feeling of Love.
I hope you will enjoy!