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Movie time: Cinema Paradiso

posted by Miss Lovissimo 17 May 2017

Nuovo cinema Paradiso is the story of the impossible friendship between a mature grumpy projectionist and an orphan passionate by Cinema. Is a story about a childish passion turn into a successful career, a story about Sicily, family, love.

When, in 1988, the movie arrived in the Italians cinema, no one went to watch it. The criticisms were terrible. Only in Messina, Sicily, the movie was a success…..how strange. There, the manager of the Cinema Aurora decided to invite his fellows’ citizen to pay the ticket only if they enjoyed the movie, and that way the movie become an Italian success first, and then an international one, winning the Grand Prix Special du Jury at Cannes, then the Academy Award in 1990 as Best Foreign Language Film.

A celebration of Cinema, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso tells a timeless story about Art, passion, and friendship.

Writing about this movie, more than 20 years after watching it for the first time, I still have the goosebump. I’m sure you will love it too

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