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Gift ideas: 10 ideas for baby boy

posted by Miss Lovissimo 11 January 2018
Baby boy

I woke up thinking about a gift list for baby boys. Honestly, having a boy isn’t as funny as to have a girl, but recently I met a couple of them, and I have partially changed my mind.

So here my selection for them!

My selection of gift for baby boy

Finally, I had a lot of fun looking for gifts and writing about it, I hope you will love it too!


When my sister got her son (my super duper beloved Adriano), she was immediately concerned about his education. As Italians, we know very well how much damage a maschilist culture can do.

So the very first gift I would offer to a baby boy is this crown by Oeuf NYC because we all should be feminist it is a better society for men too!


be a feminist!


I’m really in love with this Joey Paris denim cape, it’s so Frenchie! Simple, fresh and very useful, it has a printed cotton doublure, perfect for his first walks outside.


hello you!


Again, for the first walks, these tiny shoes by Sun Jellies (btw their Insta profile is really cool and inspiring) are perfect for one of the preferred activities of littles: jumping into puddles or any other wet surfaces. Many cities have now walkable…fountains, a pure dream for everybody.


the summer is approaching!


This is the typical Japanese thing: it looks like nothing but in fact, reduces you to addiction in few minutes! When I got it into my hands I couldn’t stop squeezing it! Became a slave to Jabber Ball!


I literally had a crush on this brand: Litogami. When I met the owner, he told me candidly, that he created this brand to make the kids understand how solar energy could help us to stay greener. HERO. Yes, of course, this is too much for a baby, but it is such a useful gift that you need to get it. So basically it’s a paper made car, with a solar panel on it, to make it ride. It is a very simple toy, but teaches a lot about what our planet could be.


learn ecology from childhood!


Babies need pampering puppets, of course. But you want to be the one who brings the coolest gift, obviously. I think that  Yogi Toy is definitely your guy.


hey dude!



Babies are really attracted by simples shapes and colors, so it is always a good idea to decorate the room. To avoid to be trite, with the typical designs, my suggestion is to get this adorable elephant by Tresxics.


an elephant is always a good idea


I found this brand on my last visit at Maison et Objet in Paris. Lorena Canals has an adorable collection of rugs and home decor, I have chosen this wall decor because it is quite different from the product in the market, it is modern but with an artisanal twist.


A reassuring little cloud shaped night lamp by Petit Monkey, simple, pretty and very useful.


you are not alone!


Well, this is basically a present I’d like to have myself. Could you imagine anything cooler than this caravan car shaped bed by Mathy by Bols?

Apart from the evident support to dream about future adventures, there is also a serious theme about sleeping in a tiny space, the little one will feel protected and his sleep will be more peaceful (if you put Nine into Ten it would be perfect).

And yes, you can throw yourself in when he is at school. 🙂


ok, I want it


See you soon for the next gift list!

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