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posted by My Name is Love 10 October 2017

About the power of handwriting

This concept is totally worth a share because these wonderful people are communicating in the same language we speak. The language of Love.A simple idea: Hannah Brencher came up with a brilliant and simple idea (part of its brilliance is its simplicity) of starting a global organisation using the power of social media to write and mail letters (love letters) to strangers all over the world!

our mission is simple: make love famous

The World needs more love letters:  Moreloveletters provide an opportunity to anyone to nominate someone in need of a love letter bundle. What a wonderful and heartwarming concept! We all ride the struggle wave sometime and wouldn’t it be nice to have someone write a Love Letter to us to make life a little better than what it is (even just to know that someone cares!)The art of Love Letters: writing has added a lot of charm and glamour to Love itself. Let us explore the curious case of Love Letters.

Let’s start with the capital of romance Paris, the city that oozes romance and charm in every street, raindrop, cafe or streetlight. It is in this city that a secret romance flourished to its height with the help of love letters. Such was the impact of these love letters that there is a book being published about it and reviewed as we speak.

Truelove exists: The beauty of these love letters explodes in every aspect, who wrote them, to who it was written, the style of writing, everything . These love letters were written by Francois Mitterrand to Anne Pangeot, he the President of France and she a very refined curator of Musée d’Orsay ( My head is spinning with the power of this already)!! With all the important and hard matters at hand and being known for his strong political character  (almost unmatched!) Mitterrand not only found time and interest for Love but wove it together tenderly with beautifully written love letters to Anne (this is a special mention for all those men who can’t seem to find time for Love! you can’t be busier than Le President!!)Apart from the 2 strong personalities the style of writing deserves a special mention, in one of the letters Mitterrand wrote :

……finally culminating in what then comes like a storm… …the evidence of that unity where soul and body intermingle

In another letter he wrote:

Near to you, united to you, in you- that is what I am. It is the unbelievable paradox: I exist at the very moment that I dissolve into you

This is truly the experience of Love as we all know it but what makes it extraordinary is the ability of the man to actually put the emotion in perfect words!These letters are being published and hence “shared”  almost 50 years after been written, its charm has doubled in the times where people “share” every move without the dept of the emotions.  These letters have got me thinking…..everyone has a love story, it depends with what elegance you choose to live it.My vote to this exquisite form of expressing love. Such is the depth of Love Letters it can melt a stone and add a skip to a regular stride!

enjoy my french playlist!

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