Gratitude the beginning of my happiness

posted by My Name is Love 2 December 2017

Today my plan is to start writing about a certain set of qualities and express it in the form of a series. Why series? Simply because what I feel about these qualities cannot be expressed in one post. These are the compilation of such basic qualities we need to live a rounded and fulfilling life.

Qualities to make a good life

This post is the 1st in the series and even tough my natural inclination is to write about Love as the 1st emotion/quality … Yet  I will 1st explore the quality of Gratitude because without gratitude there is nothing. If we ever wish to feel the goodness in anything, we need to 1st approach it with a heart filled with gratitude.

We humans are good at taking things for granted. We feel very much entitled to everything we have in life. Rarely do we feel privileged about everything life gives us. Its more like our right to get everything. So much so that most times we forget even say a simple Thank you. And if we do remember to say it it is very rare that we feel the thank you. In short the important ingredient missing from our story is gratitude.

Why is Gratitude necessary?

Human needs are limited but our wants are unlimited. If we do not practice gratitude it can almost get impossible to be happy because what we want out of life is unlimited and so we always feel a lack of something or find something missing. Only when we say Thank you to the universe we start feeling grateful for what we already have. This makes us realise how much we already have and this is the secret to happiness. In short gratitude teaches us to count our blessings. 

How to practice Gratitude

We need to practice gratitude because it’s a real skill. The practice that I personally follow and it has helped me a lot to be positive and grateful towards life is to maintain a Gratitude Journal. Every night before going to bed I write down things I am grateful for in the day. This helps me look at what I actually have as opposed to what I don’t have. Reading this journal in free time makes me feel good about all that my life has accomplished. This puts me into a good vibe.

Keep a Gratitude Box. Each time something special happens or even if something makes me feel good or puts a smile on my face, I write it as a note and drop it in my gratitude box. I usually open this on my Birthday to start my day on a “happy note“.

I also decide that each time I said Thank you to anyone or the universe I will fill my heart with thankfulness and feel the Thank you  . There is a reason why we were taught to say Thank you as the 1st lesson in Kindergarten. It’s the most basic yet profound thing to practise. This feeling does not have to be dramatic but a true feeling of being grateful.  Initially it might felt a bit strange but with practice it does feel great.

Getting rid of comparison. When we compare we are constantly ungrateful for what we have and want to feel miserable about the things we don’t have. This is a sure way to unhappiness. Not comparing and being grateful puts you on your personal road to happiness.

The final one is smile, it’s easier to appreciate things when we smile. Right?

You can have your own way to practice gratitude, whatever it is make it consistent.

It’s all about the way you feel…

Finally gratitude, will lessen anxiety in your life by allowing you to accept yourself for who you are and accepting your life for what it is. Imagine your life without the people/things you have , whatever they are. And if you think you cannot imagine it that way, please realise the value of those people and things  and be grateful for it all. After all happiness is not a thing it’s a feeling and the best way to experience the feeling is through a heart filled with gratitude.

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