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How do you embroider Love?

posted by Miss Lovissimo 11 September 2017

They had their initials significantly embroidered on their underclothing. And likewise —that is to say, not outwardly displayed, but, as it were, in the exquisite underlinen of their minds—they knew who they were and that they were in their proper place

I adhere 100% with this quote from The man without qualities by Robert Musil. I was grown listening my mom and my granny talking about split stitch, chain stitch, french knot and many more, I learnt that the only acceptable towels are the one with your initials on it, I assumed that only the hand made bed linen are good for sleeping (and love) and that the linen is the best fabric for it.

That’s why, when I left my  parent’s house to follow my studies in Florence, I heard myself shouting at my mother: “Mamma, I don’t have a corredo*!”, quietly, she answered: “of course, you don’t want to get married!”

“So what?!? Do I deserve to sleep for the rest of my life into trivial bed sheets????”

My mom knew that she couldn’t fight with me about it, I’m too obsessed with fine linen- when I was 16 years old I invested all my money into a very useful La Perla bathrobe – so she figure it out.

The first option was to try to find ready hand made embroidered linen, but it was not that easy , the artisans were not available anymore (it was the time of those horrible printed stuff), the second option was to embroider the unstitched linen that my grandparents had bought for us (my sista and me). So, she just decided to learn how to embroider and stitch all our linen. Pure happiness! The one who slept into linen fine bedding could understand what I mean: it is a pure pleasure. This is maybe the reason why my friends used to call me The Lady…


Anyway I don’t agree with the fact that my sister got such a corredo* without fighting!

Why I’m telling you this story?

Because recently I discovered, while in Germany, an adorable company who shares my love for quality, detail and hand made! When i met Theresa – the owner – I felt like speaking with someone from my family!


Resbelle is a German company which propose absolutely lovely hand made household linen, stitched entirely by hand in Portugal and Switzerland, Resbelle provide collections and made on order products for high end clients and companies.


This type of hand made embroidery it become more and more rare and mostly related to an old generation of homeworker ladies who have anyone to teach to. In the era of concept stores and ecommerce, this pure treasure of craftsmanship is risking the extinction, because of the time requested to realize an artwork – Theresa told me that for the tailor made orders, at least 4 month are requested – because the costs and because the change happened into the  market, when my mom was young, it was normal to address to artisans to get quality artworks, today though more and more people are interested in, it is still hard to get in touch with those still existing  awesome artisans. Once my mom asked me about Siri: “is there a lady answering to all questions?”, imagine such a lady launching herself into ecommerce!

Children leaf culla cecil white on white oink oink

So Resbelle wanted to keep this tradition alive, by bringing the tradition into the contemporary world.

The realization that hand-embroidery may soon cease to exist, has turned this particular craft into an invaluable rarity. Nothing machine produced will ever match the appeal of a handcrafted handkerchief, cocktail napkin, or pillow case. Making every item a unique piece of art and a treasure, which lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Often I heard about the barbarization of our societies, where everybody eat junk food, watch stupid movies and use cheap products. Then in NYC I see crowds at Eataly, in Paris people in a line to attend Christian Dior exhibition, Venice invaded by art lovers for the Biennale and kids getting addicted to the poetry of Hayao Miyazaki.

pin up

So it is no surprise that Resbelle find its place in the market.

When my daughter was born, only my parents new already her gender, so they knew that the chosen name was Eva. My mom embroidered for her a special decorated porte-enfant (with a snake around) and a tiny, cute baby footies with a leaf and an apple embroidered on it and a detachable little snake. Looking at the grace of that gift I can understand the emotions that my mom couldn’t express with her words.

Only an hand made gift could translate the delicacy of feelings that the donor keeps in his heart. The Resbelle artworks could  brings all those delicate feelings that any – ever super expensive – gift  could express.

For me, this is the perfect gift (please write in box for the delivery adress).

*trousseau: a collection of personal possession, such bed sheets, towels, etc. that a woman brings to her new house when she gets marrie


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