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Gift ideas: 10 presents to say I love you mom!

posted by Miss Lovissimo 7 December 2017
my-mom-is the-most-beautiful-one-i-love-you-mom

The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.
― Karl Lagerfeld

Well, I don’t adhere totally with Mr Lagerfeld, but for sure mom’s love is probably the strongest.

I can’t stop watching this video and getting deeply emotional. This is motherhood: to protect, to reassure, to hold your hand, to guide endless.

My granny is 102 years old now and unfortunately she is not as lucid as she was, but until her 98 she kept taking care of my mom and my uncle. She kept telling me:

Whoever has a mother never weeps

I personally have a very strong bond with my mom (despite the fact that he gave his fabulous blue eyes to my sister), together we create, we laugh and we also fight a lot.

I’m not the kind of person saying directly “I love you mom”, it is a form of bashfulness, so to express all my feelings for her I use  to get special presents  for her and she always really appreciate: actually she says that I’m the only one able to choose the right stuff for her! (I’m very proud of it)

Here some ideas to say thank you to our mammy!

The most beautiful one

To take care of ourself is also a way to stay happy and young, so, I want to stat with some suggestions that would help your mom to stay pretty.

A classy Italian bicycle, to keep her in shape and to enjoy  a promenade in the city.

green bike

a green bike by Abike

We are quite mad about our skin, so we are used to talk about beauty products novelties. I like this Elizabeth Arden’s formula: a daily serum proposed as pearls (also very useful to travel). Keep your mom beautiful!!!

Elizabeth Arden Advanced capsules


Mature skins need to be healed from within, especially because of the loss of water: this delicious infusions by MaMuse is perfect (and very pretty too) to hydrate.


the mango and strawberry MaMuse infusion

To complete her beauty routine, offer her this precious red set from Christian Louboutin Beauty, stay feminine mammy!


woman in red!


My mom is very fond in home decor, we had done a couple of refurbishment designing, painting, creating as fools!

I like pretty much this artwork (many others available on the artist’s website) by Valentine Herrenschmidt that I’ve discovered at Maison et Objet in september. It decorate and says at the same time, so, perfect!

I also love this wall decoration by Miho, it’s a contemporary a funny way to reinterpret the traditional plates hanging on the walls.


flying fishes!

As I maybe mentioned, I learnt the art of refined bedding from her. In summer she sleep only in linen bedsheet, so probably she would love this Italians ones by La Fabbrica del Lino, that propose a very wide and beautiful collection giving a contemporary interpretation to the classic trousseau.

i love you mom

pink and light blue, always a good idea

These lavender wands are a traditional hand made object from French Province, natural and  very perfumed are perfect to deodorize the drawers.

La Maison Franc

Art de la table

When I was a child I stared at her creating awesome and very original decoration for tables to welcome their hosts…every time it was a veritable project.

But don’t worry, to have the right elements it is easy for everyone to create a nice atmosphere. This tea set is perfect, both classic and contemporary proposed by Ichendorf. Take sometimes to discover their collection, it is just stunning. Despite the name it is a 100% Italian designed product, and you know that you can entrust Italians for Design don’t you?

It fits perfectly with the Gallina Matta placemat, I’m in love with pink, but they really have a huge color palette, so you can play with colors as much as you like!

I always remember to start my day thanking my mom because she did most of the work the day I came into the world, not to mention all she has done throughout my life that has contributed so much to the woman I am today

– Christy Turlington

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