The inner intelligence

posted by My Name is Love 12 January 2018

It said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence displayed by machines and is different from the natural intelligence exhibited by natural begins (human included!). So can we say Artificial intelligence is created whereas natural intelligence is natural and inborn?

More than the acquired part of knowledge, Natural intelligence is the application of that knowledge. But what is strange is that in modern times acquiring knowledge and learning it like machines is considered far superior to natural, applicable knowledge!

Yes! We are taught what we are taught to get information and learn about various things, but we are also told that we should be able to create things that are worth teaching. We all have this ability to create something that can be shared, but it is also true that the comfort zone suggests that we limit ourselves to following and learning the knowledge of others.

The real knowledge is found inside us and we should harness that as this is unique in each one of us being same at the same time. It’s like our body structure: every person has the same framework… eyes, nose, ears, mouth etc but no two people look the same.

Evolution is the result of the application of this inner intelligence and even though it’s 2018, what Rumi wrote in the 13th century regarding this topic is so relevant and contemporary:

Two Kinds of Intelligence
There are two kinds of intelligence:
one acquired, as a child in school memorizes facts and concepts
from books and from what the teacher says,
collecting information from the traditional sciences
as well as from the new sciences.

With such intelligence you rise in the world.
You get ranked ahead or behind others
in regard to your competence in retaining
information. You stroll with this intelligence
in and out of fields of knowledge, getting always more
marks on your preserving tablets.

There is another kind of tablet, one
already completed and preserved inside you.
A spring overflowing its springbox. A freshness
in the center of the chest. This other intelligence
does not turn yellow or stagnate. It’s fluid,
and it doesn’t move from outside to inside
through conduits of plumbing-learning.

This second knowing is a fountainhead
from within you, moving out.


This poetry written by Rumi is one of the most beautiful ways to subtly touch this topic of uniqueness and inner intelligence! It talks about the two kinds of intelligence: the acquired (which we spoke about at the beginning of the post) and the other is inner (or sort of the natural intelligence which is always inside us).

The inner intelligence

I have always been a believer in uniqueness in all its glory but it was after the birth of my son that I truly realized the real meaning of uniqueness and its importance for us as individuals.

What’s interesting is that a lot of mystics speak about this inner treasure or inner knowledge. They explain that more than trying, the art of allowing exposes us to this inner knowledge. It’s explained almost like being always present within us, we only need to rid ourselves of the various layers of “trying” or “acquired knowledge” or other such things to feel its presence inside us.

The example given by a mystic always mesmerizes me: he says the law of gravitation is a knowledge we all carry within us, even if it’s not discovered, it holds true as a law. It’s not something Newton discovered and it started to happen. It was present even before the discovery and is present at all times. Similarly, his inner truth or inner knowledge is present at all times whether we acknowledge it or not and whether or not we ever discover it.

But we always have this inner voice or sensibility that guides us to this inner intelligence.

All we need to do is be silent and hear.

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