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Italian little masterpieces

posted by Miss Lovissimo 20 March 2017

No one use anymore traditional invitation cards for their wedding, browsing Behance or looking for #weddinginvitation on Insta, the number of options are unlimited.

So, I decided to explore this very creative universe, doing so I found Giovanni Russo, a Graphic designer who has patented a system to realize 3D Popup Kirigami.

Representing the most celebrates building in Italy, such San Pietro in Rome, Rialto Bridge in Venice, Arena of Verona and a wonderful selection of architectures from Veneto, Giovanni become a kind of wedding invitation superstar: recently his artworks has been chosen by Vinita Agarwal for her fairy tale wedding in Venice, which kept Italians dazzled for weeks.

Completely made in Italy, mostly by hand, with paper from Verona (birth place of Romeo and Juliet …) Giovanni’s invitation cards are the best to give an Italian touch to your wedding!


sposispietro1 (1) sposispietro2 (1) sposispietro3 Villa Poiana Villa di Maser Villa Badoer2 Villa Badoer1 Vicenza Vicenza - Villa Capra 2 Venezia Verona - Arena Vicenza - Basilica Palladiana Vicenza - Teatro Olimpico Venezia - Molino Stucky Roma Padova Mirandola - Castello Pico Castelli Castello di Gropparello - Dettaglio Castello di Gropparello Milano contarinisposi (1) Venezia - Rialto vinitaagawal2 Venezia - Rialto vinitaagarwal 1 simona3 simona1 contarinisposi
Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza



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