Laws of attraction

posted by Miss Lovissimo 14 January 2017

My friend Massimo Temporelli tries to make me laugh by telling me jokes about the chemical elements. Of course, I never get it: he is a physicist, I’m an architect, we have a communication gap wich couldn’t be filled.

Anyway, I am crazy about this video, made by the European Commission’s Marie Curie Actions in 2008, to promote the sexy side of chemistry. All my respect for creating such a fun way to show the coolness of chemistry (really, guys, well done), this video leads me to think about the reasons why we are attracted to another human being.

Various strategies: If the female of Ptilinorhyunchus violaceus chose her partner after evaluating his creativity and the crickets win their girls’ attention grace to their singing skills, why are we attracted to specific partner? What is the reason why for what we call “love at first sight”?




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