Let’s dance!

posted by Miss Lovissimo 1 December 2017

Life is boring, so, let’s dance!

When I entered teenage, there were two things that really scared me: to give the first kiss and to dance in a club. Both things were connected to the beginning of my adult life. I felt totally clumsy.

I remember very clearly the long hours deciding with my friends which outfit wear, the countdown to the Saturday night and  especially I remember the butterflies furiously beating their wings in my belly at the moment I set foot in the disco.

Once inside, I remember the blinding lights, the music, the feeling of entering in the crowd and finally, the dance. Oh, I love to dance! Do you?

A dance floor or a catwalk?

I now realize that all that preparations, the moves, the attitudes, all concurred to a specific goal: seduction. I knew then that the seduction side of dancing isn’t just a personal experience, but shared by billions humans all around the world.

The outfits, the moves, the sights, the distance to keep from the other, all this elements are meaningful! The world tour of dance habits would be something totally awesome….

Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.
― George Bernard Shaw

If you are thinking about the effort you have to put into your outfits and about your sore fit after hours on high heels, remember that the the Woodaabe men spend hours, days, to prepare their dance (the dance of charm and personality) hoping to be chosen by tribe’s women to spend a night of passion in the forest…

The rules of attraction

I feel suddenly stupid, looking at these Woodaabe girls evaluating coldly the guys performance, and I catch that the one who does the effort isn’t forcibly the woman.

Well done my so-called modern western woman!

Tough guys don’t dance. Really?

That is the guy who has to work himself out to impress the objet of his desire is absolutely obvious in the animal world: to get female (normally less flamboyant and pretty than males) attention the guys invented amazing dance steps.

If a man doesn’t know how to dance he doesn’t know how to make love, there I said it!
― Craig Ferguson

The most amazing and inventive are generally the birds, they work both on outfit and dance moves. To start, let me introduce the Manakin, a real Michael Jackson of the forest.

This is the bird of Paradise. The guy is a pure perfectionist, he added to the super outfit and the moves a painstaking set up of the dance floor…

Hey girl, look at me! Watching this video for the first time I’ve stated looking at men with different eyes, aren’t they a bit ridiculous when they show off too much?

I would never have thought I could wish to be a spider, but take a look to this guy, the moves of Justin Timberlake with the coolness of Pharrell Williams! Honestly he is much cooler than mostly of the guys I met…

Let’s dance!

So whoever you are, whatever you like, wherever you are, just dance.

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