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Love Artist: Alexandra Senes

posted by Miss Lovissimo 22 December 2017

Alexandra Senes was born in Dakar, Senegal. She spent her adolescence in Manhattan, then, she moved to Paris when she was 17 years old. Travelling is in her DNA.

Alexandra is the founder of Kilometre and she is the Love Artist of the week.

I come to know about her work via Serena, during one of our lazy afternoons together. We were talking about traveling and discovery when Serena suddenly told me: “you have to meet Alexandra!” She was right, I had to.


a detail from Kilometre shirt

Traveling is a state of mind

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

– Marcel Proust

After a successful career in print media, during which she keep traveling – from Beirut to Johannesburg and the Siwa desert in Egypt – Alexandra decided to share her wanderer experiences, her discoveries through a more intimate, personal way: Kilometre.

Embroidered on differents supports – long shirts. foulards, hats, handbags – Alexandra’s artworks speak of extraordinary places, and speak of them in a unique, poetic way, through fragments, dreams, and reinterpretations of reality.

Secret destinations

Wherever she travels, Alexandra is driven by the will of discovering: avoiding the popular places, she acts as a hunter, always looking for the perfect, undiscovered place. Following this unwritten rule, she discovered places such Sidi Mghait, a beach close to Akilah, the Saint Paul de Vence in Tanger or Neukölln, the new place to be in Berlin or Praia do Espelho in Brazil.

An unusual point of view

Alexandra Senes’ design approach is closer to that of the artist than that of the designer. Her narrative of the places visited tends to reveal the invisible, to talk about atmospheres, encounters, perfumes. From this point of view, her garments are far beyond fashion, seasons and places. They are rather a baggage of emotions.

So every view embroidered it is a chosen, unconventional one: on the Pantin (close to Paris) the building of the BETC agency, 104, the Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery and the Cité des métiers where Chanel and Hermès’ private workshops are located. On another model: a house in Kolmanskop, a village completely swallowed up by the sand in Namibia or the Niseko ski trail in Japan.


The white shirts

Everything has started when Alexandra found a 19th-century male shirt in the south of France: the first Piece Unique was born.

Made from linen, hemp or nettle, extremely durable, the Piece Unique line propose vintage long male shirt turned into dresses with uniques embroideries (all handmade in Mexico)  representing Alexandra’s travel diaries.


the Pieces Uniques

From this Unique items collection, Alexandra Senes has created the Inspired collection – reproducing the Unique‘s patterns – the shirts are proposed in two fabrics: double layer khadi and light cotton.

Baihuatan-Park_GreenLake-Chengdu_Kunming-by-Keren-Ann-front Boulevard-Michelet2-Marseille-France-by-Ora-Ito- Bourron-Marlotte-Fontainebleau-France-by-Isabel-Marant-front- Corniche-by-day-El-Manara-Beirut-Lebanon-by-Rabih-Kayrouz-front Corniche-by-night-El-Manara-Beirut-Lebanon-by-Rabih-Kayrouz-back Le-Cap-Spartel-Tangier-Morocco-by-Nicolas-Ouchenir-back Loubersan-Gers-France-by-Jean-Charles-de-Castelbajac-Front rue-St-Joseph1-Gorée-island-Sénégal-by-Ondine-Saglio Santa-Cecilia-São-Paulo-Brazil-by-Humberto-and-Fernando-Campana
Included in every Kilometre item is a unique city guide dedicated to the place embroidered, sophisticated and exclusive tips to discover the World as a real traveler.

Exclusive, intimate, just perfect

Kilometre represents perfectly the contemporary luxury: the ability to choose, the culture to understand, the curiosity to discover and to learn. For me, the perfect gift to show affection and to plan the future, together.

Definitely, I want to travel even more than before. Thank you, Alexandra.
Now I know who to ask to experience the World more and more.

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