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Love Artist: Fortuna Todisco

posted by Miss Lovissimo 25 January 2018
Fortuna Todisco

Fortuna Todisco is one of my favorite human beings. Every time I met her she has a huge smile on her face, her large blue eyes sparkling with intelligence and passion. Fortuna Todisco is an illustrator and she is the Love Artist of the week.


Fortuna means luck in Italian. I don’t know how, but her parents have chosen the perfect name for this awesome woman! Her personality fits completely with her name…but let’s start from the beginning

Fortuna-Todisco-per-Attico-3 Fortuna-Todisco-per-Attico Fortuna-Todisco-per-Attico-2 Fortuna-Todisco-per-Attico-1
Fortuna Todisco per Attico

Mamma mia!

We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.
― Kurt Vonnegut

I met Fortuna Todisco in Milan seven or eight years ago (maybe more, my memory failed…), she was a student at the Fashion School of Istituto Europeo di Design and I was working there as Special Project manager. In the crowd of students, she gleamed like a star.



After the school, she started working with Andrea Incontri (creative director of Tod’s men collection) as leather goods designer, and of course, she was brilliant, Andrea was super satisfied by her work, but she was not happy, she confessed me: “you know Alessandra, my real dream is to become an illustrator…” my answer sounded like a granny advice: “mamma mia! Are you mad? In leather goods, you could have a brilliant career, while if you become an illustrator you would die of hunger!”.


the artwork presented at the Triennale’s exhibition

Since then, Fortuna has illustrated for Wired, Attico, The Sun, Vice, il Sole 24 ore, Benetton, The London Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Spinneys Magazine, Vanity Fair, Serapian, Panorama and many others

Her talent was officially consecrated in 2016, when he was chosen by the curator Eleonora Fiorani for the exhibition “Il nuovo vocabolario della Moda Italiana” at the Milan Triennale dedicated to the new talents of Italian Fashion.

Well, I was wrong, and Fortuna was right. My bad.

Fortuna-Todisco-for-24-magazine Fortuna-Todisco-for-the-sun cosmopolitan wired
24 il magazine

Fortuna and I

I often worked with Fortuna, we designed a fashion collection, we created the uniforms for an iconic airline company (unfortunately I cant tell you more…), we bring forth an online test for fashion victims…every time I’ve been amazed by her capacity to generate ideas, work hard and keep her smile on even at 3 am, while discussing the choice of the perfect color shade for an invisible zipper…I wish everyone would be like Fortuna, to work would be an endless pleasure.

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Full style

Fortuna for Fortuna Todisco

Fortuna’s commitments with magazines and brands do not prevent her from pursuing her personal projects, in which she expresses her strong personality and values to the maximum.

Fortuna setting up her artworks

Fortuna setting up her artworks

Fortuna is a real feminist (ok, I know, I’m obsessed with creative feminists!) and she brings in her works a vision of womanhood that I like very much and I share: feminine, smart, intelligent.

She has recently created her online shop where it is possible to buy her illustrations and some very cool t-shirts.


I like very much to personalize an interior with these kinds of unique artworks and to offer it as a gift to my friends because despite the wide offer of decorative items in the market we risk to have all the same interior decor! So buying the artworks of independent artists as Fortuna is a guarantee of uniqueness and…coolness!

Take some time to discover her World, you will be not disappointed.

See you next week to discover another awesome artist!

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