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Love Artist: Kirk Maxson

posted by Miss Lovissimo 5 December 2017

I’m always very envious of digital natives, they have Instagrams since ever. They can discovercreation all over the World, train their creativity and discovery skills. When I was a child I had a paper encyclopedia and three TV channels. Truly life is unfair!

Thanks to Insta I’ve discovered the Love Artist that I’m presenting you this week: Kirk Maxon. Based in San Francisco, Kirk create incredible and stunning metallic scuptures inspired by botanic.


a passionflower

I’m realizing suddenly that I’m almost obsessed by flowers, plants and other naturals beauty, after Paola Lanticina, Woodlucker, Zanellazine, and Nidhi Mariam Jacob Cariappa I’ve chosen another artist passionated by Nature, Kirk Maxon.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Even though my parents couldn’t teach me how to take care of plants (I kill everything), they have passed to me their passion and amazement at the immeasurable beauty of nature, forcefully make me notice this and that plant since my childhood.


Every leaf, every flower, every petal is unique, there is no symmetry however the technical performance is absolute.

When I was studying Architecture with Marc Mimram, I have been taught that there is no better engineer than mother nature.


Kirk’s flowers in a project by the interior decorato Katie Ridder on Elle Decoration

Nature as perpetual inspiration

From Oregon, Kirk moved in 1992 in San Francisco where she live and work. He realize sculptures of natural elements with metallic leaf almost as a goldsmith.

Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf

– Albert Schweitzer

He is an Artist using his manual savoir-faire just to humbly celebrate Nature’s splendor and uniqueness. He reproduce with incredible precision every sigle detail and by putting his pieces against a solid color background he reveals the common nevertheless extraordinary Nature’s face.


in remembrance of the shooting at Pulse club in Orlando

One of the aspect that charmed me the most since I discovered his work is the choice of the plants that Kirk reproduce: nothing tropical or heroic, he choose plants that are very common at least in the Mediterranean environment as grape, olive, dandelion, oak, among others.

For this reason, and also for the way he have chosen to show his artworks that he remembers me ceaseless the AncientGreece, its pureness, simplicity and the ability to be epic without frippery.

So despite the Atlantic Ocean keeping us apart, I feel very close to Kirk’s poetical universe.

kirk-maxon-artwork-9 kirk-Maxon-portrait-leaves-1 kirk-maxon-artwork-10 kirk-maxson-silver-flowers kirk-Maxon-portrait-leaves-3 kirk-maxon-artwork-8 kirk-Maxon-portrait-leaves-2 kirk-maxon-artwork-4
a beautiful sculpture by Kirk Maxson

Angels on earth

At the last Victoria Secreet‘s Show in Shanghai, the Angels were ready to fly thanks to the golden wings that Kirk made for them

I haven’t been surprise when, few days after discovering him on Instagram, to know that Kirk has been chosen to be part of the group of selected artists to create special and unique accessories  for the Victoria Secret’s show.

In this video you can watch the show’s making of, that valorize the entire process and all the actors behind  one of the most awaited fashion shows of the year.

In a World overhead by technology it is very bewitching to look at those artists at work: from the expertise of their hands masterpieces arise.

Stunning and sexy as usual the Angels Vanessa Moody, Taylor Hill, Jourdana Phillips, Sui He, Blanca Padilla, Sanne Vloet and others looked as Greek goddesses descended to earth thanks to Kirk’s pieces.

Schermata 2017-12-03 alle 18.29.06 kirk-maxon-artwork-4 Schermata 2017-12-03 alle 18.26.44 victoria-secret-angel-kirk-maxson-2 victoria-secret-angel-kirk-maxson-3 victoria-secret-angel-kirk-maxson-4 Schermata 2017-12-03 alle 18.24.59

Maybe next week I’ll be able to select an artist not working on flowers…Maybe! And then why shouldn’t I?

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