Love Artist: Paola Lanticina

posted by Miss Lovissimo 5 January 2017
paper flower centerpiece DIY craftmanship

When you fall in Love with your job: I’d like to present the work of a very talented artist: Paola Lanticina.

Although I know Paola since a long time, I didn’t know that she was fond of paper flower making. I came to know of it when she told me that she was super busy preparing for her wedding. What was unique in her case was, she was not busy like a regular Bride but almost like a professional involved, as she was planning to do the entire decoration for the wedding herself!! How’s that for DIY!!

So, I decided to ask her some questions about this crazy adventure.

Paola’s story
Me: Ciao Paola, I saw some amazing pics of your paper flowers, could you please tell  me about this adventure?
Paola: I discovered the art of paper flowers while I was organizing my own wedding. I have a very strong dexterity and I wanted to do something unique to present to my guests as a souvenir of a very special day for me. At that time I didn’t know that I would actually make more than 1600 flowers and I would turn into a real professional! My idea was to offer something which would communicate Love and devotion: flowers fit the bill perfectly!
Me: Are you kidding? How could you do it?
Paola: I worked on it until 2am once I returned home from my regular day job, for 6 month…..yes!! Thinking about it  now makes me realise how crazy it was. I initially  started with 9 different flowers, now I handle more than 25 type!
Me: Oh, this is real Love! How did you learn it?
Paola: Basically watching tutorials on the web.
Me: Do you have any link to share with us?
Paola: A lot of them are done in the US, but originally  this was a beautiful tradition in Italy. In Monte Isola, every 5 years, there is a big Festival where everyone works on flower making to decorate the entire village. It is so romantic and beautiful! A real paradise for me!
Me: You are right! When i was a child I once visited a similar Festival in Abruzzo, in Bucchianico.
Paola: Unfortunately it’s a tradition followed by few! While I was researching about this I came in contact with a Lady in Mestre ,who gave courses about flower making and was trying to keep the tradition alive. She was so happy to hear about my project that she sent me her notebook full of instructions and ideas! It was a heart-warming gesture. For my wedding, she sent me a rose done by her: I cried like a little girl!

Me: Are you still working on it?
Paola: Absolutely, since my wedding I have a lot of requests for shootings and set ups. I’ve started doing my own notebook, I hope one day I’ll hand down to someone else to keep this lovely tradition alive!
Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

Me:Thank you Paola for sharing your story with me!
I think that creating a gift with our own hands and emotions is worth much more than the most expensive thing we could ever buy for anyone. You cant put a price tag on it but its the most precious.


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