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Love Artist: Zanellazine

posted by Miss Lovissimo 28 October 2017

I should admit being a very, very lazy person. That’s why I like pretty much Instagram: I just have to scroll down, lying comfortably on my sofa, my lovely cat Fufino sleeping on my legs.

Even in my laziness, I can’t stop my curiosity. So, jumping from profile to profile, following the suggestions of my heart I often discover creative minds, wise hands, and delicate souls. I would be a millionaire just to be able to buy a huge house to collect all theirs creations.

Recently I found out Zanellazine, C-A-R-I-N-I-S-S-I-M-E! (super cute)

Mandala Facce fiorite

Zanellazine, a family story from Varese

Today, writing this article,  I’ve started reading the materials I got from Zanellazine’s designer. Just to discover that I know one of the two designers, Lucia. I can’t believe it! such a small World! 😀

Anyway, stop with my stupid gossip!

Zanellazine is an Italian duo, aunt and niece (100% famiglia), who decided to create poetic and contemporary handmade ceramic in the wonderful hills surroundings Varese. Giovanna and Lucia, inspired by the delicates shapes created by Mother Nature, realize their pieces Uniques, with love and tenderness.

Laboratorio tornio

I’m always very embarrassed when someone tries to buy a present for me, it is always a disaster. Yes, I’m snob as hell and very critical and demanding. It is never about the price of the object given. It is the lack of thought behind the choice, it has been bought with money, not with heart and creativity (I know I’m a nightmare, please don’t be too cruel).

Gift ideas with a twist

Voilà, a Zanellazie creation would be a perfect gift for me. Poetry, flowers, delicacy and personalization.

Fiori di Terra collages

Mixing ceramic flowers, leaves and little branches with real ones, they create their floral portraits and mandala, full of freshness and colors. Their vision of floral decoration offer a new point of view giving to both ceramics and flowers a new way to express timeless  emotions.

Facce fiorite NoraFacce fiorite Adele

A blossoming feminility

A part their flowers collection, Zanellazine created also and entire Olympus inhabited only by female goddess: le Babe.

The sexiness of Zanellazine’s Babe is undeniable. Those haf naked Venus mixing sicilian pottery, botanical inspirations and strong personalities, mischievously wink, remembering us that feminility and sex appeal are related to personality, more than to sizes.

Le Babe Georgia Le Babe Eva Le Babe Zezé Le Babe Verde Le Babe serie H&G Le Babe Fiamma Le Babe Frida Le Babe India Le Babe Primula

To wrap is to Love

And take a look to the packaging! Oh wow! I can imagine myself open it (notice for pretenders: yes they have an ecommerce), I can feel the passion, the accuracy and the joy of Lucia and Giovanna choosing the right mix of ceramics, colors, natural elements.

Facce Fiorite packaging

(Yawn)…It is very late, maybe it’s time to jump in my pink, full embroidered bed, I’ll dream abour little goddess, flowers and family bonds!

Buonanotte tesori!


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