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posted by Miss Lovissimo 7 September 2017

I have this friend, Betta. She is a genius.

On her ID card it’s written: Real Estate Agent.

Such a poor description! Betta is probably one of the most creative person I ever met. She is a painter, an interior designer, a fashion designer, a mom, a sailor and much more. Recently she bought a stitching machine, the day after she decided to launch her own brand: Eliza made with Love: isn’t she my soul twin?

First time I met her I have been impressed by the incredible originality of her place: an awesome mix of contemporary design, souvenirs from her many trips, vintage and objects that she designed and made with her magical hands.

Eliza made with love vintage watches details gilet packaging Betta and Margherita old luggages shorts

Betta lives in Turin, the former capital of Italy, the birthplace of the Royal House of Savoy. Having been the capital of Italian Kings, Turin has the grandeur of the others European capital and an atmosphere that is closer to Paris than to Rome. It is probably the most snob, chic and mysterious city in the Peninsula, so is Betta.

Recently I visited her to meet her newborn princess: Margherita, so I caught the occasion to ask her some tips on planning a visit to the city, here, her selections.
Bagni Paloma: a former workshop furnished which few over selected furnitures has been turned into a fashion boutique with its incredible style, selling avant- hard brands, perfect to embody the Turin style…it looks like nothing but I spend a fortune…radical chic 100%! As everything in Turin, even the location is hidden, only the initiates could enjoy it!

talisman Schermata 2017-08-28 a 11.19.57 outfit from Bagni Paloma a very special caffè chic in white rani pink mania the court the pink selection

Bagni Paloma, via dei Mille, 30 – 10123 Torino

at the moment Betta’ favorite restaurant. Oinos propose sushi in Sicilian style, just awesome!

Italian sushi

Oinos, via della Rocca 39/G – 10123 Torino

Erboristeria Melissa: just next to the Mole. Valeria is the owner, but Betta think that she should be called Melissa (a Greek world meaning honey bee)! Valeria/Melissa is one of a kind, out of our time, a pure poetess and an incredible photographer. The shop is enchanting.

melissa flowers made foundation mappamondo la mamma e la bimba pesciolino di liquirizia home made jam scarpe rosa

Erboristeria Melissa, via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 4 – 20124 Torino

Floris: A very special café/perfumery. Awesome window display, delicious croissant au beurre all over the year and ultra chic perfumes…

floris aperitivo

Floris House, via Cavour 16, 10123 Torino

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