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Negroni & Bigodini

posted by Miss Lovissimo 3 February 2017
How to help your BBF to heal a broken heart
Is Love for ever? It happens.Yes, it happens that a Love story ends.
Basically, there is nothing that could cure a broken heart, but, a good drink and a bunch of (girls) friends could help.
In this case, my best survival recipe, it’s to organize a Negroni  & Bigodini Night.

Survival Recipe
Basically, getting drunk, have a beauty routine and talk as bad as possible about the guy and eventually his new flame……
And let do it in a very Italian way: here the complete recipe!
First: Make it cool: Your friends will be stunned by receiving a nice, official invitation, it could sounds complicate, but on line you can get a personalized invitation in 5 minutes, i’ve used canva.com, easy to realize, with a nice choice of template.


Second: a good (strong) drink: Negroni, created first in 1929 by the Earl Camillo Negroni, in Florence, it becomes one of the most famous aperitivo drink in Italy. The recipe it is quite simple, i add a video to help you to prepare it in the best way.
Of course, it is a little strong, so you can also drink Italian Wine…..i suggest a very good one Chardonnay (the labelling was designed by a super genius friend of mine) from Cantine San Marzano. Serve it fresh in a beautiful chalice.
Third: Be beautiful, anyway he will be unhappy: It is also important to feel beautiful, because every time a bad one leave us we feel ugly (but we are not, HE IS AN IDIOT)!
Basically, i organize a nail polish bar, my favorite brands are Dolce&Gabbana (if you have a big budget) and KIKO (low budget but very good quality), you can also involve a professional manicure person, but i find more funny to do it reciprocally, yes, after two drinks the quality is not really there, but the goal of this party if to make your BFF feels all your affection!
I also provide a tray full of every kind of beauty product, from face, hands and hair masks to curlers (i adore curlers, they can change completely your style, and yes i really did curly hair for my separates friends) and make up, everyone could choose her preferred beauty program.
Fourth: It is time to destroy the idiot: It’s time to say all you have ever say about him, you can read all the stupid messages he sent, browse his ugly photos……of course if he left for someone else you can rage against her!
It is also possible to add some voodoo tricks. (suggested)…
Fifth: Let’s Sing! I know, karaoke is quite kitch, BUT everybody knows that to sing together with your friends it one of the liberating things you can do, especially if you are pretty and drunk!
I have selected for you a number of songs sung by the Italians Drama Queens: Enjoy my playlist!

And always remember Cher’s wise words!

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