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Nicole & Vincenzo

posted by Miss Lovissimo 19 May 2017
Apulia Wedding Photographer

God is in the details, they say. The perfect example of this is the wedding of Nicole & Vincenzo. Two advertising professionals who in Nicole’s words are “maniacs” for aesthetics, they have planned and executed this picture perfect wedding that we pin for on Pinterest!

Nicole and Vincenzo were together for more than 6 years and were an extension of each other, more than just couples. They worked together, lived together and climbed the ladder of professional and personal happiness & success together. As a natural progression of their beautiful relationship, they decided to get married in 2016.

Of course, the aesthetics of the wedding were WOW! But if we look closely  the warmth and unpretentious vibe of the wedding cannot be missed. Simple, warm, 100% Italian.

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful wedding to get you started.


Let us start from the beginning:

Nicole made a Pinterest board which she shared with Vincenzo  & a few very close friends. They were both clear about what they wanted. Nature lovers, creative, close to their roots and cool is how I see them. In Nicole’s words, she wanted a simple wedding, consistent with her environment & hence the venue was chosen as – Apulia, hometown of Nicole, in South Italy. She was confident of this place because she was very aware and clear about the features of this beautiful land.

I think the magic of the wedding unfolded from the point of selection of venue as eventually everything seamlessly connected with the venue and amongst itself.

Being inspired by the region and the beauty of it, Nicole had this brilliant vision for her wedding invitation. She found the very talented illustrator Ryn Frank  who is very good especially with botanical illustrations and got her to translate the plants of Apulia onto a wedding invitation format. Nicole and Ryn worked completely online and once the final result was achieved Nicole got the invites printed at Fratelli Bonvini (Milan). This invitation and the thought behind it instantly takes the wedding to the next level! I totally dig this personalized and curated idea for a wedding invitation.

Just like the invitation Nicole’s wedding dress too was unique & unconventional. She traded the grander & opulence  of a typical wedding dress for a simple yet very elegant & chic wedding dress which she herself picked up at a vintage shop in Milan.In place of a traditional veil, Nicole wore a crown, which she picked up at a vintage shop in Paris, and the shopkeeper confirmed that it belonged to an Australian Noble Lady!!  French lace, vintage noble crown and effortless elegance of the outfit & makeup complimented the entire nude look that she carried on the wedding day.

Vincenzo hit the right note as well with his outfit, which was done at a studio in Milan by Angelo Pecora. (Wow! Celebrity designer! need we say more…)

Since Nicole was looking at a rustic-easy kind of wedding, She & Vincenzo looked for a “real masseria” (old cottage) & they found an authentic option in form of  Masseria Mozzone. It is a beautiful place held by a family. The brother and sister duo do everything here and run it mainly as a personalized B&B.

And the ride they chose to get there is Style: none other than the Italian Icon Fiat 500 (you could read a special post about the 500 here..)

As the venue is a family owned place and a lot of local produce was cultivated on it, Nicole thought it would be great to plan the food with these fresh, authentic ingredients. Typically a South Italian wedding would boast of around 200 guests but Nicole and Vincenzo wanted to keep the wedding very intimate and personal hence the wedding guest list was a tight 60. The dinner for these special guest was made in house with the freshest of produce from the Masseria. It was a meal with a small aperitif followed by simple & typical home made Italian dinner:  mozzarella, focaccia, taralli, Homemade pasta with fresh tomato, meat on brazier & fresh fruits. ( I am sure the guests performed a “scarpetta” at the end of their meal)

The highlight of the food story is, even the wedding cake was baked by the family for the couple, 3 small, cute and different cakes handmade using fresh ingredients. One can see the sweetness of the cakes as much as they can taste it, in the pictures of the wedding cakes.

The beautiful evening was concludes by an avant-garde Jazz band by  singer Francesca Faro. In the midst of all the “jazz” when Francesca sang “l.o.v.e” Nicole felt that time had slowed down and everything in the universe could be summed up between the dancers of the night Nicole & Vincenzo!

What a wedding! What a couple! Thank you Nicole for sharing this wonderful, intimate wedding with us.

Before we conclude this post, here are some Quick Tips from Nicole for a fab wedding:

*Make a private board on Pinterest that you can share with your partner and maybe close friends where you can throw everything. (Except the wedding dress of course! since we don’t wanna ruin the surprise)

*Don’t stick too much to the plan, go with the flow (trust your gut, coz otherwise it just becomes work and not fun!)

*Please give yourself enough time to form the right vision, this is the most important part!


** Wedding Photos done by : Haydn Rydings.






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