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Who does not want to be a princess?

posted by Miss Lovissimo 22 September 2017

I think every young girl at some point in her early life wonders what it’s like to be a princess. They like the idea of dressing up and the fun of it.

Julie Andrews

Yes Mrs Andrews, I think so.


Sex and the city has shown really well this feeling. Being in Love, dreaming…And share everything with our best friends! It might seem silly, but is not. It is a ritual. In each and every society the passage from umarried to married is celebrated has a central event in a woman life.

Of course, it is not anymore THE goal, we have so much to do and, moreover a lot of girls, including me, choose not to get married. But still, a tailor made, beautiful, elegant dress is still a dream!

I discovered the work of Silvia Moretta, trough a common friend I studied with. As me, Silvia worked at Fendi for several years, in Rome (ah Roma!), then at La Perla (probably the best of Italians lingerie company). Silvia creates dresses with the delicacy of a cloud, the grace of Roman goddess and the twist of the contemporary fashion…I really like it!


Silvia Moretta Wed Lab 11 Silvia Moretta Wed Lab 6 Silvia Moretta Wed Lab 5 Silvia Moretta Wed Lab 4 Silvia Moretta Wed Lab 3 Silvia Moretta Wed Lab 2 Silvia Moretta Wed Lab 1 Silvia Moretta Wed Lab 10

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