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Shopping: Birds Mania

posted by Miss Lovissimo 30 December 2017

The year is ending…here our last shopping list: we decided to dedicate it to our winged friends. Why? Because it’s cool because they are quite funny and we like them!

Everyone likes birds. What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears, as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird?

– David Attenborough

Birds Mania: pick your fav one

One: Swallow

Coming back every year to the same place to nest and keeping the same partner for all his life, the swallow is a strong symbol of love and fidelity: offering a swallow has a precise meaning…if you want to engage.

My suggestion is to offer ceramic andorinha from  La Casa Altlantica as in the Portuguese tradition of house decoration, it’s pretty, fresh and very romantic!

two: Dove

Symbol of Love and Peace, doves represent also the hope to find a calm place.

They are perfect for everybody: friends, lovers, parents, kids. I’ve chosen this simple and adorable enameled one by Titlee, a very cool Parisian Jewellery Brand.

Pure, aristocratic and elegant, the swan has a very high consideration all over the World and is often associated with feminine perfection, poetry, and melancholy. Lapin and me propose this little, very romantic lamp that brings some sweetness into your interiors.

Four: Blackbird

These very funny birds are almost at the opposite of the swan, absolutely anonymous, small, a bit weird. Personally, I really like them, because of their brave attitude and crazy behavior…Melody Rose London seems to share my point of view, dedicating them this very chic teacup. If you really really like them you could get the entire set!

Five: Flamingo

Since a couple of years, flamingos are everywhere: Pools, beaches, houses, t-shirts, socks.

Despite this overexposure, we can’t get rid of them, moreover, after discovering their seduction ritual I’ve started love them even more. Marco Bologna, a cool Italian Fashion duo dedicate to flamingos part of their next collection, and of course, I love it!

Six: Eagle

Us National bird, the eagle represents all the county values: strength, courage, and vision. That’s why it is perfect for a very girly outfit: get an eagle  Tattly Tattoos to decorate your body with!

Seven: Robin

Delicate, fragile but strong: I love you Robin! On this Nach Bijoux delicate ring, two of them surely talk about love…

Eight: Common Crane

From Russia to Africa, from India to China passing through Himalaya this beautiful bird succeeds in stay totally elegant despite his migrations. Bring his classy presence into your interior with this beautiful Artipilo velvet pillow.

Nine: Penguin

Another very stylish guy still admired despite his awkward walk, the penguin always brings a smile on our face!  Because he always wears a tuxedo I wanted to select a unique object for his effortlessly chic: an Emma J. Shipley limited edition art print.

Ten: Ostrich

What can I say about this guy? He is cute. Well, no. Classy? No. Pretty…ehm…I wouldn’t call him so…

Ok, he is clumsy, huge, he doesn’t know how to fly but still he is one of a kind! So get this Anna+Nina beauty case and relativize your faults!

Another year is waiting for us and it would be maybe better learn from Ostrich how to be more self-indulgent, fly over small the issues of life and enjoy the flight. 

P.S.: To survive the new year eve hangover, you could discover more about birds and their awesome wiseness by watching Winged Migration, an amazing movie by Jacques Perrin.

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