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The Gift of Communication

posted by My Name is Love 12 April 2017

Communication is the best gift you can give your loved one. The landmark “I Love You” is nothing but communicating to the other person that you love them and want to spend a part or all of your life with them.

Similarly “Will You Marry Me” is also communication. The trouble is, once these words are said, the communication between 2 people goes downhill. We gradually talk less and even if we do, it’s more mundane and not always fun or energizing stuff. The real communication should actually start after these golden words are said. Because if there is no communication, little things become the big things and the biggest thing “LOVE” becomes the little part. Tell your loved one each day, how special they are or how special they make your life. Communicate with words, songs, flowers, little gestures. No matter how much love you feel in your heart, if you do not communicate it, the other person will never feel it in all its glory!

Fights, arguments, criticism are all forms of communication but they are negative communication. Try to indulge in positive communication to express love & appreciation. Not talking is even worse than negative communication as this way the other person will never know how to change or apologize if there is something wrong. Communication does not always mean words, you could communicate with your gestures and thoughtfulness.

My number 1 suggestion to keep LOVE alive is to always keep the gates of communication wide open.


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