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The heart of Abruzzo

posted by Miss Lovissimo 5 October 2017

Abruzzo is the region were I was born and I lived for almost 20 years. My parents met in Pescara and there felt in Love, but that city was not their own birthplace.

Hello new life

My dad arrived in Pescara in 1967, on board of his ‘500, at that time there was no highway connecting the region of Rome and Abruzzo, so he travelled for several hours. But he did enjoy the journey, being amazed by Abruzzo’ landscape, its high mountains – the higher of Appennino – the sweet slopes of its hills, the shining blue of the sea, all concentrated in a tight ribbon of not more than 20 km.

A dream was born

After marry my mom, every year, together with my her, my sister and me we did that journey the other way round. While us, kids, felt asleep or play or fight or whatever, my dad enjoyed again and again that landscape, became so familiar but still so amazing.
He use to tell my mom:

look Annamaria, on that hill, a heart would be perfect!

My mom, more practical than him, and being invested by the role of Artist of the family, rolled her eyes, saying:

oh, you, stop dreaming 24/7!

vintage wedding

My dad (freezing) and my mom (handing her bouquet like a broom) the day of their wedding

A dream become true

After more than 25 years, he did it. Yes, he drew giant hearts on the hills, declaring his love to this region that shaped his life and where he always come back.

Speaking about this project I should mention that it was born not only thanks to my dad stubbornness, but also to the vision of few Region’s administrator that in the end of ’90 could understand the value of high scale communication, such as those giant shapes visible from the highway.

It took month to see the first results of my dad’s long days in the country side. The only thing we could testify was that he came back every day home covered with dust, complaining about the stubbornness of the farmers apparently stronger than his own!

And then, suddenly, the rapeseed flourished and thousand of driver witnessed the magnificent magic of Mother Nature and my mom was forced to confess that finally:

it wasn’t a bad idea

Recently, my dad told me that he has been asked to create again the hearts on the hill. I don’t know if to be happy, because after more than 15 years since the first heart was spotted on the hills, I still meet people asking me:

Oh, so you come from the giant heart region!

Or being scared of his days on the hills!

Anyway, thank you dad for making me understand that a dream, even the craziest one, can became true!

Fight for your idealism!

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