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Tiramisù: a porn story

posted by Miss Lovissimo 26 September 2017

Few weeks ago, while working in Amsterdam for Mondo Mediterraneo I learnt from Victoria (from Argentina) the forbidden history of the Tiramisù, probably the most famous Italian dessert…

Of course, on Wikipedia it is written than it has been invented by this or that guy, here or there and all the bla bla bla….yawn….how boring…

Well, the forbidden history of the tiramisù told us about his birth in the brothels in Treviso, in the north of Italy (the birthplace of Palladio!). Meaning literally “lift me up”, it was served to the tired lovers to recover the energies and go on with the bedroom sport!

So, to be even more clear: Tiramisù is not only a pure delight for the palate, it is moreover a real aphrodisiac! there is any valid reason to don’t enjou it!

Following the recipe, the real one. Again, I’m profiting by the awesome Gennaro Contando’s videos, because He is the best.

And because by now it is clear that i Love him.

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