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My Paris: top fashion places

posted by Miss Lovissimo 6 December 2017
african fabrics cat sphynx

I’m just back in town, after almost 15 years, and I really want to be updated, so I asked to my very dear friend Serena to disclose to me her very personal Paris top fashion places guide! Just in case…!

When I was creating Eva’s tailor made Barbie house I was totally obsessed by the tiniest details (the house had baseboards). All my friends thought I was crazy so I couldn’t share my project with them.

One of a kind

There was only one person In the whole World I could share my doubt about which wallpaper was the best for  Barbie’s bedroom, and this person was, is Serena. It could be seem mad, but this unveil the deep Serena’s refinement and attention for the details.


one of Serena’s creations for Balmain

Actually Serena is the head leather goods and accessories designer at Balmain. Previously she worked for Bottega Veneta, Vionnet, Christian Louboutin and Prada where she designed the bestsellers Cahier bag and Corsaire bag.


the new Balmain’s it bag: the Box Bag

She is into the business since longtime, but she keep the enthusiasm of the beginners and rather than turning into the typical overstressed fashion beast, Serena stays down to earth, probably because of her sweet heart and her practice of meditation.

She is pretty, cool, chic and a bit mad as I like! She works between Paris and Florence doing her best to express Olivier Rouisteing‘s vision into leather goods.

STILL-LIFE-SPHYNX handbag-eagle-gold-balmain handbag-tiger-sequins-balmain-gold balmain-bag-leather-embroidery SHOES-BAGS-STILLIFE balmain-handbag-serenacancellier-top-places-paris balmain-handbag-detail-serena-cancellier bag-balmain-denim-pearls-baroque
Golden embroidered bags with tiger from Balmain collection

She is absolutely in Love with her husband Mattia, founder of MKidées, they share a common passion for creativity, sharing non stop ideas, concepts, solutions, fighting as in the best Italian tradition, everything only to motivate more each other.


ah l’amour!

They live together with their two sphynx cats in a cozy flat in Saint Germain des Prés, where I met her to talk about her selection of Paris top fashion places.

a still life taken in Serena's flat

a still life taken in Serena’s flat and a portrait of Serena

Paris top fashion places: Sere’s selection

Being lazy, I like to get direction for the best places for shopping  from my friends. Serena has an adorable taste so I’m really grateful to her for sharing with me her favorites!

Le Bon Marché


Le Bon Marché interiors

Being really busy with her work, Serena Loves to strolling distractedly at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, close to her flat. It is a way to relax and to have an overview on fashion proposals, being all the most influent fashion brand sold there.

Founded in 1838, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche is a is a true Parisian institution. Less crowded than Galerie Lafayette, it is surely an indispensable destination.

Astier de Villatte


a vegan set of Christmas decorations!Serena adore the decoration shop Astier de Villat, especially for the magical cards, incenses and the uniques Christmas decoration!

Shakespeare & Company


an inconturnable rendez-vous since 1951

Shakespeare & Company, in Rive Gauche, in front of Notre Dame, is a English-language bookshop. Serena suggested it both for the wide range of books – some very rare ones – and the events organized, such concerts and book presentation. It is a nice place to spend sometime in, a kind poetical atmosphere, romantic, unique.

Café Pinzon


the interior of Café Pinson

Very nice café in the Marais, offering bio juices and very healthy food, suggested by a 100% vegetarian.

Desi Road


Indian graphics and French style, a perfect mix!

I share with Serena a very deep passion for India, so I’m very grateful to her for giving me this address to planning my next trip to India enjoying aloo hing jeera, dal, naan  and other delicacies.

Canal Saint Martin


Canal Saint Martin, a Parisian classic

Serena loves to get lost and discover the shops that born every day in Paris. She told me that in this period the Canal Saint Martin area is among the most dynamic and interesting: I am lucky, it is next to my house!

I’m quite sure that Serena is hiding her best fashion addressees…I’ll try to get if for the next Parisian guide!

<3 you Sere!

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