True colors

posted by My Name is Love 7 October 2017

A shadow was quickly moving across the street. Red got really scared and started to walk quickly. The shadow seemed to move even close, Red started to run and move away quickly. This went on for many days each time Red was on its way home to the colour box…

One day Red got home earlier than usual and all other colours had not yet returned, there was only who was already home. This is exactly who Red did not want to meet.

“Hi Red”, said Black.

Red continued her work and ignored Black completely. “Why are you ignoring me! Each time I want yo walk home with you, you always run away! Why do u hate me so much? All I want is to know you better coz I really like you!!”
Red got angry and turned even more red!! “Don’t say all this to me Black. I don’t want anything to do with you. No one can like you.” Blak looked really hurt and asked, “why?”, “Because anyone who mixes with you turns black. Love is impossible for you because you are incapable of it. You turn everything dark. I am scared of you and scared of turning dark.
Black walked away with stooped shoulders. He didn’t say anything to Red.

The next night Black came to the colour box with a painting of a beautiful night sky. With the stars and moon painted almost like real.

He gave the painting to Red and said: “I know your favorite colour is white as it lightens you up. But to see the beauty of white you need the help of a black background. I am not asking you to mix in me and turn black because that’s not what Love is. I am only asking you not to judge me as bad only because I am black. I am that night sky which suffers a thousand twinkling holes to make the red grow between the lovers”.

Photo by Landon Martin

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